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[mkgmap-dev] Index Branch 1764

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Fri Jan 7 23:10:36 GMT 2011

> However on the good side, instead of a popping up crash notice, I get 
> a regular (no error) pop up message: "the selected street is not valid 
> in this map product, please select a different street".
> Using --code-page=1252 is still broke however for Umlauts, as the city 
> is inside the index with an Umlaut, but the address without Umlaut. So 
> you cannot find streets in cities (though for provinces or states 
> Umlauts are fine now) that have an Umlaut, if you enter the city. 
> (city without Umlaut is not accepted, and city with Umlaut will not 
> find the address).
Here is a screenshot of the problem. Note Moedling on the address and 
Mödling in the city field (city moedling cannot be entered, as it does 
not exist): this is with --latin1 (and yes, --latin1 seems to work much 
better than cp1252):

However there are some problems on finding bahnhofsstrasse too. Could 
this be related to a bahnhofsstrasse that is inside the database as 
bahnhofsstraße ???
If I use my old mkgmap version to recreate mdr and mdx, then the 
following crash does not happen (on maps created with the index branch).

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