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[mkgmap-dev] What about a Address Index?

From dom dom at team-oid.de on Wed May 20 23:45:16 BST 2009


so it looks like a lot of reverse engineering?
Hm ok. Somewhere is had such a index file, but can't find it anymore.
The download is also not available anymore. Do you have such a index file?
I'm not sure, if it's possible to find out any structures? But I can
give it a try.


Mark Burton wrote:
> Hi Marco,
>> I'm new on the mailinglist, and I'm interested in doing some development
>> work,
>> as far as I have enough time for doing. I'm personally missing a address
>> index which allows do
>> search for addresses directly and not via a workaround with different
>> styles and maplayers.
>> So is there anybody who has an overview how such a index is generated or
>> is there a binary structure available?
>> Or is there already somebody working on it?
> Welcome to the list.
> I have done some work on implementing searching for roads. It kinda
> works but it is far from ideal. I believe that to make it work as it
> should we need to generate further index information but, unfortunately,
> nobody knows the format of that info. Anyone who can make progress down
> that road will be a true hero!
> Cheers,
> Mark
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