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[mkgmap-dev] routing / address search: What makes a road (, house number, etc.) belong to a city (, country, etc.)

From Gernot Hillier gernot at hillier.de on Tue Apr 21 08:57:04 BST 2009


Lambertus wrote:
>> However, this won't work for house numbers as polygons for streets
>> definitely make no sense - especially taking into account how weird the
>> houses of a street are spread in many places...
> Well, I'm not familiar with the Karlsruhe schema and other house
> numbering scheme's but I reckon the house numbers will eventually be
> linked to a way? Using the polygons you can lookup in which place the
> way is, and voila!

For Karlsruhe schema, it's not required that they're linked to a way and
most of the time, they aren't. When you walk along a street, you just
place nodes on the right and left side near the street and tag them with
addr:housenumber. It doesn't make much sense to draw connection ways
which aren't there in reality.

To define the according street, you usually use either a tag
"addr:street" on the house node (this string can be compared with the
highway's name) or you use a relation of type=associatedStreet which
includes "street" and "house"s.

But I think this is not really an open point for discussion as the info
is already in the OSM data, so the only missing bit is to convert it to
the Garmin binary format. :)


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