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[mkgmap-dev] generating *.tdb from *.img

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.demon.co.uk on Tue Nov 18 23:15:30 GMT 2008


> Although I do not like (in general) Java software, mkgmap works and it

Hey, well welcome to the list...

> Now, my question is if it's possible to use mkgmap and create *.tdb file
> out of gmapsupp.img file and/or list of *.img file so that the above

It will create a tdb file out of several .img files, in fact you can put
any mixture of .osm or .img files on the one command line and it will first
create the .img files from the .osm files and then create the .tdb file
and then the gmapsupp.img file if you asked for it.

It doesn't however split a gmapsupp.img into the individual files that
created it.  It would be possible to do that using the code in the imgfmt
package quite easily.  The gmapsupp is just like an archive that contains
many files.  Each file has a name that is 8 characters (usually digits) and
a three letter extension.  All you have to do is extract those sub-files,
collect together files that share the same numeric base name and for each
set of files write them to a new .img file.


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