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[mkgmap-dev] generating *.tdb from *.img

From Gour gour at mail.inet.hr on Tue Nov 18 12:25:05 GMT 2008


Thank you very much for providing mkgmap!

Although I do not like (in general) Java software, mkgmap works and it
is much better than being forced to use Windoze apps on Linux via Wine

I'd like to use QlandkarteGT which requires *.tdb file and I know how to
create it when using *.osm files with the --tdbfile option.

Now, I stumbled upon few sites which provide pre-made Garmin maps by
using OSM data and provide maps either as combined/compressed
gmapsupp.img file (which old version of Qlandmkarte would import) or as
list of *.img map files (e.g. http://www.osm4you.com/ site)

Now, my question is if it's possible to use mkgmap and create *.tdb file
out of gmapsupp.img file and/or list of *.img file so that the above
mentioned maps could be loaded into QlandkarteGT?



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