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[mkgmap-dev] 3byte .typ file support

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at googlemail.com on Sun Oct 26 01:50:50 BST 2008

Is there any work going on related to 3byte support for Polylines and 
Polygons. In principle this should be the same as for POIs which are 
already in the 3byte form.
With OSM Composer there is now an easy to use GUI for Mkgmap that 
greatly enhances the need for more definitions. This is due to the 
possibility to copy any object and assign new tags to it based on 
criteria (this has been possible using perl but now it became comparably 
very easy). I.e. you have a Polyline tagged "Highway=track; Bicycle=yes" 
then you could automatically retag this to something like 
"Highway=bicycletrac". Or "Highway=track, track_grade=3" to 
Highway=track3 and render it in a different color. It's too possible to 
copy objects. Instead of retagging you could now overlay a color code 
around the track indicating the trackgrade. You would now have two 
Polylines one Highway=track and an identical one on top of it with 
(I hope I am doing everything correct here, never posted on a mailinglist).

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