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Drive on left or right


From r3366 there are some improvements to the support for driving on the left or right. Each tile has a flag to say if roads are drive on the left or right. It is known to make a difference with roundabouts and may be used in other ways.

The options --drive-on-left and --drive-on-right were replaced by --drive-on=left and --drive-on=right. You can also add detect which will use the country information to select the correct side. The default is equivalent to --drive-on=detect,right which means that if detection fails, it will use drive on the right. The old flags --drive-on-left and --drive-on-right still work.

The detection uses the precompiled bounds (or country-abbr/country-name) to determine the country in which the roads are located, and the resource file LocatorConfig.xml contains a new attribute driveOnLeft="true" for all known drive-on-left countries

If a tile covers two countries where you drive on different sides of the road, then it cannot work for the whole tile and you get a warning. In the future we will be able to cut tiles on country boundaries so that the problem will then not arise.

Posted by steve on 11 Dec 2014

Latest commits

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    04 jun 2020
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    04 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4511 allow to use single or double quotes in the name-tag-list option.
    03 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4510 minor code improvements, no change in output expected.
    03 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4509 minor code improvements, no change in output expected.
    03 jun 2020
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