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The o5m format is now supported


Both splitter and mkgmap now support the o5m format. You can read these files just by putting them on the command line as with any other file. For splitter the default output format remains pbf, so if you want it to produce o5m files on output then you will need to give the --output=o5m option.

Files in the o5m format are larger than those in the pbf format, but are faster to read, particularly for splitter when it has to re-read the input file several times.

There is not such a large speed advantage for mkgmap.

The o5m support was added by Gerd Petermann.

Posted by steve on 21 Dec 2012

Latest commits

  • mkgmap-r4515 minor code improvements, no change in output expected.
    04 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4514 minor code simplifications, no change in output intended.
    04 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4513 fix obvious typo in evaluation of seamark:light:character found by sonarlint.
    04 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4512 improve "file doesn't exist" message: put name in quotes.
    04 jun 2020
  • mkgmap-r4511 allow to use single or double quotes in the name-tag-list option.
    03 jun 2020
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