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[mkgmap-dev] Hi have try again and again but cant add dem file to img generate by mkgmap-r4132

From truecrhirst abraham3.abrar4 at yandex.com on Wed Mar 14 11:00:11 GMT 2018

have download hgt files and run the following command 

java -ea -Xmx4000M -jar mkgmap.jar --max-jobs
--reduce-point-density=5.4 --x-reduce-point-density-polygon=5.4 --index
--transparent --adjust-turn-headings --ignore-maxspeeds
--ignore-turn-restrictions --remove-short-arcs=4 --description=openmtbmap_de
--location-autofill=1 --route --country-abbr=de --country-name=germany
--mapname=12340000 --family-id=1234 --product-id=1
--series-name="openmtbmap_de_%date%" --family-name="mtbmap_de_%date%"
--overview-mapname=mapset --area-name="Germany_%date%_openmtbmap.org" -c
template.args --dem=c:/hgt

the img are generate but without the relied shading and basecamp dnt show
the relief shading and either  3d maps dnt work

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