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[mkgmap-dev] bug in r-4025

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Wed Jan 24 10:30:05 GMT 2018

Hi Gerd,

I have found out that the levels in the option file matters:

These settings are fine if I skip level 23:

levels = 0:24, 1:22, 2:20, 3:18
overview-levels = 4:17, 5:15, 6:14

These go wrong, the gmap file is not compiled:

levels = 0:24, 1:23, 2:22, 3:20, 4:18
overview-levels = 5:17, 6:15, 7:14

Now I have tried 3312 instead of 6628 for the second highest level 23:

x-dem-dists: 3312,3312,9942,13248,44176

Then I got this error:
SEVERE (BlockManager): splitter\49000245.o5m: overflowed directory with max block 65534, current=65535
SEVERE (MapFailedException): splitter\49000245.o5m: (thrown in BlockManager.allocate()) Too many blocks. Use a larger block size with an option such as --block-size=1024 or --block-size=2048
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException
    at uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.reader.hgt.HGTConverter.

If I use
x-dem-dists: 3312,9942,9942,13248,44176

No error but not rendered and no gmap.

If I use
x-dem-dists: 9942,9942,9942,13248,44176
Everything is ok.

So maybe I had a wrong values for level 23 which seems fixed by r-4066?

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