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[mkgmap-dev] CP1251/1253/1256 and more broken if used without --lower-case

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Tue Jun 27 13:57:57 BST 2017

Hi everyone - well this is a bit of a follow up of my previous message -
but after I know the problem - I guess it's better to use correct title.

I'm trying to create maps without using unicode of non latin using
countries - and for many weeks I was quite uncertain why the did not work

At least if I compile maps on windows - the resulting maps seem to
ignore/break --code-pages somehow except if also --lower-case is given.

Now I cannot really read/write cycrillic, arabic or hebrew - but all of
these maps created without --lower-case actually seem to only write the
code-page into header - but the actual name will end up being
transliterated into latin1/acsii.
This seems to be completely independant of style - I've put a link list
with greece as example, it's not based on default style - but with default
style the exactly same thing happens.

a) https://openmtbmap.org/mtbgreece.exe (compiled without --lower-case)
b) https://openmtbmap.org/mtbgreece_lc.exe (exactly the same but compiled
adding --lower-case)
c) http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/misc/openstreetmap/openmtbmap/odbl/mtbgreece.exe
(without --lower-case but using codepage=65001 / unicode)
(linux users - you can simply unpack the .exe - it's lzma packed, note for
windows user - the registry entry created by each installer is identical -
you can install to different folders though to check the maps - in
Basecamp/Mapsource only one will be visible)

Now a) will actually display in Cyrillic on some computers (e.g. windows
2007, windows server 2008) however not on windows 10 (for Basecamp,
Mapsource or GPSMapedit). However the labels clearly are not really
correct. Sometimes there are placeholder, sometimes simply wrong. I
rechecked that b) is correct by also compiling a unicode version and
checking the labels.

Working Codepages without lower-case: Chinese, Japanese... (not based on
any alphabet), latin1, 65001
Broken Codepages without lower-case: Russian, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic,....

Just for reference - here is the command I gave for compiling (note style
does not matter, I verified with default style) -- add or take --lower-case:

*start /low /b /wait java -jar -XX:StringTableSize=100003 -Xms6000M
-Xmx13300M C:\openmtbmap\mkgmap.jar --max-jobs=8 "--generate-sea"
--code-page="1253" "--precomp-sea=C:\openmtbmap\maps\sea.zip" --nsis
--index --levels="0:24, 1:23, 2:22, 3:21, 4:20, 5:19, 6:18"
--overview-levels="7:17, 8:16, 9:15, 10:14, 11:13, 12:12"
--reduce-point-density=3.4 --reduce-point-density-polygon=6 --cycle-map
--ignore-fixme-values --housenumbers --link-pois-to-ways
--ignore-turn-restrictions --polygon-size-limits="24:16, 23:14, 22:12,
21:11, 20:10, 19:9, 18:8, 17:7, 16:6, 15:5, 14:4, 13:3, 12:2, 11:0, 10:0"
--description=openmtbmap_gr --show-profiles=1
 --bounds=C:\openmtbmap\maps\bounds.zip --route --country-abbr=gr
--country-name=greece --mapname=63950000 --family-id=6395 --product-id=1
--family-name=mtbmap_gr_26.06.2017_NU --tdbfile --overview-mapname=mapsetc
--keep-going --area-name="greece_27.06.2017_NU_openmtbmap.org
<http://greece_27.06.2017_NU_openmtbmap.org>" -c

Felix Hartman - Openmtbmap.org & VeloMap.org
Schusterbergweg 32/8
6020 Innsbruck
Austria - Österreich
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