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[mkgmap-dev] render landuse=orchard

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Fri Jul 29 06:00:48 BST 2016


@Greg: please note that the way is not only rendered, it is also routable. I think

that is what Ticker doesn't like.

@Minko<mailto:ligfietser at online.nl>: I have no experience with railway=abandoned.

I read about cycle routes which follow the old railway tracks, but I would expect

that the ways building those routes have tags like highway=* or cycleway=*

and therefore I often wondered why we make those ways routable.

I did not yet try to find out how often that happens and how likely it is that this

may lead to trouble for a cyclist.


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Betreff: Re: [mkgmap-dev] render landuse=orchard

Minko <ligfietser at online.nl> writes:

> @Ticker:
> Please do not remove railway=abandoned, it is often used as cycleway trail after the railways have been demolished.
> The tags railway=dismantled, railway=razed, railway=historic and
> railway=obliterated are used to tag a former railway, where mostly all
> evidence of the line has been removed.

+1.  If there is phsyical evidence, it's a valid map feature and should
be rendered somehow.

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