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[mkgmap-dev] nsis & typ file name

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Dec 5 10:22:31 GMT 2014

On 05/12/14 10:09, nwillink wrote:
> Does that explain why the x---.typ doesn't get deleted.

Yes it is still needed to create the windows installer.  Its not really
a temporary file.

> The only interesting point is that as far as I can tell in the output dir I
> don't see the x---.typ
I'm concerned that you say that if you disallow writes to the
directory the file is not created but is still referred to in the nsis
file. The code seems like it should stop with an error if it is unable
to create or write to the x--.typ file.  If that is not happening it
would be a bug.  I'm unable to reproduce that with a quick test.


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