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[mkgmap-dev] housenumbers and addr:interpolation

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Mon Dec 1 20:22:21 GMT 2014

Hi Gerd, hi Andrzej,

yes, up to now mkgmap collects all elements (pois and polygons) tagged 
with addr:housenumber and mkgmap:street (which need to be set by the 
style). The elements are afterwards assigned to the nearby street with 
the same name. Elements more far away than 500m (?) are discarded.
The street is then divided into segments and mkgmap tries to find the 
housenumbers at both ends and both sides of the segments. Additionally 
it checks if all housenumbers on one side of the segment are even/odd/both.

Relations like associatedStreet and addr:interpolation were not 
implemented by me because the quality was very very bad on the time of 
my implementation. Most useful addr:interpolation lines did have a 
start/stop point with adequate tagging (addr:housenumber and 
addr:street) so there wouldn't have been any quality gain by supporting it.

Now there might have been changes in the tagging quality. Although I 
would recommend to check that first. I strongly recommend to only 
support taggings how they are documented in the wiki. Otherwise mkgmap 
would support bad tagging which I think is not helpful at all.


> Hi Gerd,
> isn't it a direct fit for Garmin format?
> I don't know details, but I assume that cgpsmapper format is very
> straight description of internal structure of img. My understanding is
> that if you assign house numbers to two consecutive junctions, then GPS
> will interpolate addresses between these junctions. Cgpsmapper offer
> possibility to define different numbers for both sides of the road and
> settings like even/odd/both, which describe how interpolation should be
> computed. I guess mkgamp already has similar settings hidden somewhere
> in algorithms.

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