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[mkgmap-dev] Can't split into big tiles

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Sat Oct 11 21:54:33 BST 2014


I would like to split Germany data into 5 tiles. I have added contour 
lines and sea area to OSM data but this probably is not important.

My file has about 200M of nodes. If I split with max-nodes 50M, then I 
get about 50 tiles, which is wrong.

If I split with num-tiles=5 then bounding polygon is ignored and I get 
tiles with boxes like:

63240002: 2176512,-935424 to 2796288,355584
#       : 46.702881,-20.072021 to 60.001831,7.630005

This is useless for me, since I need true bounding boxes for tiles.

I have used splitter r412. Any solution for this problem?
Temporary I'm going to clip data with osmosis.

Best regards,

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