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[mkgmap-dev] line-break in address-field

From Wolfgang Hammel wolfgang.hammel at gmx.de on Sun Aug 17 22:46:12 BST 2014


I'd like to have -- for example -- for all fuel stations both, the phone
and fax numbers to be included in the phone field of the
Therefore I included the following rule in the points file:

amenity=fuel & fax=* {set mkgmap:phone = 'phone: ${mkgmap:phone} fax:
${fax}' | 'fax: ${fax}'}

So phone and fax numbers are separated by a space character.
However it would help for a better readabilty to have phone and fax
number separated by a newline.
So I tried the following rule

amenity=fuel & fax=* {set mkgmap:phone = 'phone: ${mkgmap:phone}\nfax:
${fax}' | 'fax: ${fax}'}

But to no avail. "\n" is display as it is and is not interpreted as an
escape sequence.
So I played aroud with different approaches, for example the unicode
newline 0x0085.

amenity=fuel & fax=* {set mkgmap:phone = 'phone:
${mkgmap:phone}\u0085fax: ${fax}' | 'fax: ${fax}'}

This also didn't work.

So the questions I have are:
Are the garmin devices (Oregon 550 in my case) able to display
address-info with linebreaks in one field on two diffeent lines?
And if so: Is it possible to have a newline or line break included in a
string assignment in an action block?


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