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[mkgmap-dev] Bug: Address search and opposite cycleway

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Wed Mar 12 19:26:16 GMT 2014

>> Hi WanMil,
>> On Mon, Mar 10, WanMil wrote:
>>> mkgmap:street is only used for house number matching while compiling the
>>> maps.
>> I found the bug:
>> stripStreetName() in HousenumberGenerator.java removes the
>> "(cylceway)" for comparing the streets.
>> That's of course wrong, because now "Sandwall (cycleway)"
>> matches "Sandwall", but this are two different streets.
>> I don't know why you are removing text in brackets here,
>> but I think that's not correct. If somebody wants to do that
>> for his map, he can do this in his style.
>> But it is impossible to workaround this bug in the style.
>>    Thorsten
> Hi Thorsten,
> good catch! Stripping the text within brackets is a relict from the time
> when mkgmap automatically assigned name="${name} (${ref})" and
> the mkgmap:street tag did not exist. That was before merging the
> mergeroads branch.
> I will have a look on it tomorrow.
> WanMil

Hi Thorsten,

I have completely removed stripStreetName() so the street names 
(mkgmap:street on roads and addr:street on house numbers) are now taken 
as they are.

I wonder if the makeCycleWay should add a "(cycleway)" to the name of 
cycleways? Maybe that should also be done by the style?


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