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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap SVN r3087 does not create valid gmapsupp.img files for Garmin etrex

From Axel Herold herold at snafu.de on Fri Mar 7 21:27:30 GMT 2014

Andreas Tille schrieb (06/03/14 -- 22:47):

> [...] Today I fetched the
> latest SVN release r3087 but the resulting gmapsupp.img does not load on
> both Garmin devices of mine.  To make sure it is not the build process I
> also fetched your prebuilded JAR file ... with the same failure.

Dear all,

for the record: I use the precompiled r3087 binary to sucessfully 
compile basemaps for etrex10 devices. Due to the severely limited memory 
of those devices I skip many features (e.g. routing, address index) of 

Andreas, I'd suggest to try and see whether you can boil down 
the problem to one of the map features mkgmap provides. I can send you 
my config and a gmapsupp.img created by r3087 that works on the etrex 10 
if you think this could be of help.

Best regards,

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