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[mkgmap-dev] new branch NOD127

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Thu Mar 6 19:41:05 GMT 2014

Hi Gerd,

 > Please report also the settings and version of the Garmin program you 
 > are using.

Sorry, not a good testing. Screen shots are form Mapsource with 
settings: car/motorcycle, shorter distance, avoid unpaved roads and 
ferries. I thought it was faster time.

 > you can use option --version, but mkgmap will then only print the
 > version.
 > If you have an img file you can use grep or findstr and search for
 > the string mkgmap.

I often use own license text and then there is no mkgmap version in img. 
Which leads to another suggestion: map license probably should be 
written inside LBL subfile, leaving TRE subfile for compiler message.

Best regards,

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