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[mkgmap-dev] boundary France broken?

From Patrik Brunner patrik.brunner at gmx.net on Fri Jan 24 21:22:41 GMT 2014


I hope you also create somehow a version tag inside the two directories 
like it was done in the script of WanMil... this allows users to easily 
check which version of the boundaries is downloaded/used, even if the 
files were copied and lost therefore the creation date.

The relevant part of the script is:

    # someone asked for a timestamp within the bounds.zip file
    # so pipe the current date to file named version.txt
    echo ${TODAY} > ${PLANETDIR}/${TODAY}/bounds/version.txt

Actually the mentioned 'someone' was me... ;-)


On 24.01.2014 21:36, Lambertus wrote:
> On 24-01-14 21:23, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
>> Thanks, but I have my own scripts for Linux already.
>> Lambertus, if you want to have them or look at them, please tell me.
>> I don't know what you are running.
>>    Thorsten
> Thanks Thorsten, but I've already slightly adapted WanMil's script to 
> run within my environment and are creating the bounds now.
> I'll post the link tomorrow when everything went fine.
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