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[mkgmap-dev] SEVERE (MapSplitter) Errors - "Area too small to split at..."

From Peter Gardner geep999 at yahoo.co.uk on Sun Dec 29 09:12:57 GMT 2013

I'm getting lots of errors like this with both mkgmap-r2889 and mkgmap-r2651:

SEVERE (MapSplitter): /media/space5/my.osm.stuff.overflow/step4and5/63240021.osm.pbf:
  Area too small to split at http://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=51.53796&mlon=-0.10158&zoom=17
  (reduce the density of points, length of lines, etc.)
Can't set city point index for N1P 2NS (too many indexed points in division)
Can't set city point index for N1P 2NR (too many indexed points in division)

However it does run to completion and a gmapsupp.img of a sensible size is created.
The file works on my Garmin eTrex Vista HCx and I can see and navigate to the postcodes.
But some points, e.g. N1P 2NS, are missing, although others nearby, e.g.N1P 2NN, exist. 

This has happened since I have been adding postcodes into a map of Great Britain,
using some ideas from this recipe:

Anyway - I don't quite know what to do now.
How do I set about reducing the density of points and length of lines?
Is there something I should do prior to running mkgmap e.g. some splitter options
I should change?
Currently I'm just doing:
time splitter \
/media/space5/my.osm.stuff.overflow/step3/great-britain-latest.osm.with.rightsofway.and.postcodes.pbf \
 > splitter.log

time java -Xmx3072M -jar /home/dad/osm.stuff/mkgmap-r2889/mkgmap.jar \
--gmapsupp \
--style-file=/home/dad/osm.stuff/mkgmap-r2651/examples/styles/mydefault/ \
--family-id=4538 \
--max-jobs=2 \
-c /media/space5/my.osm.stuff.overflow/step4and5/template.args \

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