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[mkgmap-dev] TYP-file can't be written

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Nov 24 14:01:47 GMT 2013

On 23/11/13 22:12, Henning Scholland wrote:
> In the header of my txt-TYP-source I have written CP1252. Converting
> this to CP1250 and CP1254 is done without problems. So I don't
> understand, why it's a problem for CP1251 and CP1256. Any guesses?

I will need a few more details if you think there is a bug and you
think that the labels could be written in CP1251 and 56.

But in general there is no transliteration, so the characters you use
must be in the target character set.

cp1250 and cp1254 share many of the common characters from cp1252 that
you are likely to be using and so might work, whereas 1251 and 1256 are
very different and may not contain the characters you are using.


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