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[mkgmap-dev] POI index issues

From Bernhard Hiller bhil at gmx.de on Sun Nov 24 11:37:41 GMT 2013

Hi Brett,

an issue with the index on a Garmin device is that it requires specific 
codes for specific items. For a comparison of Garmin models and the 
use/appearance of codes, see 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/POI_Types - In most 
cases, the meaning is the same for different models.

In your command, you use
--style-file=styles\mapnik\ ^
i.e. a relative path to the style, and a final backslash. Are you sure 
that the "correct" style was used (e.g. when you inspect your map with 
QLandkarte)? I use absolute path, without a final backslash, but that 
might be irrelevant.

It is also my impression that Garmin uses all maps (even those which 
were switched off) when a POI search is performed - try to remove them 
as much as possible (I change the extension from *.IMG to *.IM) - I 
haven't tried that with the base map yet...


Am 24.11.2013 00:51, schrieb Brett Russell:
> Hi
> Time to follow up on this issue from some time back as I have not 
> found any solutions.  It would be good to have the index search 
> feature refined.   Anyway here is it again.   Thanks for your 
> consideration.
> I have loaded my latest img made using 2800 of mkgmap and a custom 
> style along with typ file on to a Garmin Rino 650.  This unit has only 
> ever had the OSM maps that I have created on it.  The POI lookup has 
> been causing me a few issues in the past with my 62S being much better 
> but that might be due to it having Garmin's own Topo map loaded.  I am 
> at a loss how and what index from what img file my Garmins use.
> Anyway, the problem is nothing comes up when I select all POI so I 
> went into geographical features and then water features to find a 
> lake.  No water features showed up.  I then selected land features and 
> then could find the lake that I was after.  It appears that at least 
> on the Rino 650 the POI index has issues.
> It the above a known problem with mkgmap or is their something wrong 
> with my style and/or typ file?  I use the following bat in Windows 7 
> to create the img.
> REM mkgmap command line
> REM -------------------
> java -Xmx8192m -Xms2048m -ea -jar mkgmap.jar ^
>  --max-jobs ^
>  --gmapsupp ^
>  --route --drive-on-left --check-roundabouts ^
>  --generate-sea ^
>  --remove-ovm-work-files ^
>  --add-pois-to-areas ^
>  --location-autofill=nearest ^
>  --index ^
>  --style-file=styles\mapnik\ ^
>  --description="Ent_World 20M Contours" ^
>  --country-name=Australia --country-abbr=AU --region-name=Tasmania 
> --region-abbr=TAS --draw-priority=25 Ent_World.osm.pbf ^
>  --family-name=contours --draw-priority=31 --transparent 
> Ent_contours_20M\Ent_world*.osm.pbf ^
>  styles\mapnik\mapnik_play.typ
> Cheers
> Brett

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