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[mkgmap-dev] variable filters: substring filter fails with java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range

From Anna Leuchter aleuche at web.de on Wed Oct 16 10:12:31 BST 2013

Hello Gerd,

thanks for the info and the patch.
Anyway i didn't tested it as i forgot how to incorporate patches into source.
Actually to much effort for me to re-learn this java stuff.(may be during winter time i will give  it a try)

My workaround is actually:
- filling the field with sign( of type which i do not expect being there normally) up to max. count i need.
- reduce to max. possible count
- remove the not needed superflous signs

for ex.:

rcn_from_relation=yes { set rref = '$(rref)#########}'; set rref = '${rref|substring:0:9'; set rref = '${rref|subst:[#]*~>}' ; name '${rref|highway-symbol:oval:9}.....

Maybe if you feel it's worth to incoorporate your patch into the code would be nice if you could manage that.

best regards

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