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[mkgmap-dev] overviewmap, cyrillic fonts and cp65001

From keenonkites keenonkites at gmx.net on Tue Oct 8 20:08:00 BST 2013

Sorry guys,

think I've found the next potential problem:
I'm building a map of the European part of Russia, obviously containing 
cyrillic city names and lot more... and we're also trying to use the 
'quite new' overviewmap feature (I like it, btw).

If I have code-page=1251 in the config file for mkgmap, the map itself 
aswell as the overview map (pressing ctrl-G in Basecamp) look properly.

But if I do the same having code-page=65001 (for utf-8) in the cfg file 
for mkgmap, the map itself looks good (proper cyrillic city names, e.g) 
but the city labels on the overviewmap looks scrap (again ctrl-g in 
Basecamp to hide the normal map), looks like the overviewmap part 
doesn't recognise utf-8 and makes something wrong there.

You need screenshots ? Anything else ?
(btw: can I attach the screenshots directly to the mail or do I need to 
upload them to somwhere and post the link here ?)

Thanks for having a look at this too...

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