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[mkgmap-dev] some minor problems

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Mon Sep 23 17:04:40 BST 2013


here list of some minor problems, that I have noticed while using mkgmap:

1. For mp format multiple data0= lines are interpreted wrongly. For 
polylines each data0 should create separate line. Mkgmap connect them 
which is wrong. I observe the same effect with OSM data, when I remove 
middle part of the way with osmosis. But this could be osm format problem.

There is something wrong with polygons in mp format too, I haven't 
investigated it. I think first data0 in polygon is outer shape and 
subsequent data0 should be treated as holes (inner polygons).

2. There are some problems with style defined in "levels" instead of 
"resolution". Maximum level number seems to be fixed at 4, regardless 
off options --levels and --overview-levels.

3. There should be maximum limit of subdivision in TRE subfile, probably 
it is 0xFFFF. I'm not sure if mkgamp checks this value for overflow. I 
can create an img which is correct for mkgmap but not visible in 
Mapsource (ok, I'm toying with MAX_DIVISION_SIZE in MapSplitter.java, 
but this seems quite innocent).

Best regards,

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