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[mkgmap-dev] Issue when routing across two countries

From Enrico Liboni eliboni at gmail.com on Sun Jun 24 14:08:52 BST 2012

Thanks for the feedbacks, I don't think I'm creating imgs files and then
merge them - as Colin is doing. What I do is the following:

1. download some countries *.pbf files from geofabick and place in a $DATA
2. run splitter on them (java -jar $SPLITTER_HOME/splitter.jar
--output-dir="$DATA" $DATA/*.pbf)
3. run mkgmap on the splittered pbf files (java -jar
$MKGMAP_HOME/mkgmap.jar --route --remove-short-arcs --add-pois-to-areas
--index --gmapsupp --output-dir="$DATA" $DATA/6*osm.pbf);

Do you mean I should first collate the *pbf together in a sinfle pbf file
(using osmconvert or similar) or should I get since the beginning a single
pbf/osm file containing the whole area I want to process?

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