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[mkgmap-dev] regular expressions in tag tests

From Kay F. Jahnke k_f_j at web.de on Tue Jun 5 14:15:49 BST 2012

Hi all!

I want to use a regular expression in a tag test, and I don't know what 
type of regular expression syntax is used in mkgmap. There is only one 
example, and it's not enough. My tags are strings made from floating 
point numbers, in fixed field length with leading spaces, in common RE 
syntax they would be

'\ *[0-9]+\.00' (optional spaces, followed by a point and two zeroes)

I want to pick out those with '000', '500', '00' and '50' before the 
point (doing contours) - of course a modulo operation on the floating 
point value would also work, but I haven't found that, either...

How would I specify that in mkgmap? (P.S. I don't know Java, so please 
don't tell me it's in 'standard Java notation' ;-)


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