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[mkgmap-dev] problem with primary roads and their names

From Michał Rogala michal.rogala at gmail.com on Tue May 29 16:58:26 BST 2012


I have a problem with rendering primary roads and their names in
Garmin (mostly MapSource)

I have rules:

highway=primary {name '${name}' | '${ref}'; add display_name =
'${name} (${ref})' }
highway=primary [0x03 road_class=3 road_speed=4 resolution 14]

The problem is: in many cases some sections of primary roads have
their names assigned (especially in cities). Those names are displayed
at lower map resolutions (such as 14,16, etc) making the map look ugly
- you see  primary roads and city names but also irrelevant street
names that should be visible only at high resolutions.

Do you know any ideas how can I fix this issue - block displaying
street name at levels low than for example 20? OpenMTBMap is rendering
properly - I tried to compare style files but without any success.

I was thinking about removing name tag from roads at lower
resolutions. Something like:

highway=primary [0x03 road_class=3 road_speed=4 resolution 22 continue]
highway=primary {delete name }
highway=primary [0x03 road_class=3 road_speed=4 resolution 14-22]

(this is proof of concept so syntax may be invalid).

best regards

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