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[mkgmap-dev] Every address and every item in category search turns up twice (r2272)

From Steve Hosgood steve at stoneship.org.uk on Fri Apr 27 09:47:53 BST 2012

On 2012-04-26 22:20, Carlos Dávila wrote:
> El 26/04/12 16:40, Steve Hosgood escribió:
>> I use the following to generate a map....
> What's the content of your template.args file? If it includes lines for
> the 6324000*.osm.pbf then you are passing them twice to mkgmap and so
> you get all elements of the map duplicated.


Thank you for that, Carlos.

You have fixed my "everything appears twice" issue, but you have caused 
me another problem. Now I have to spend the day with a paper bag over my 
head so no-one recognises me...... :-)


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