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[mkgmap-dev] Problems searching for California addresses

From Bill bill-mkgmap at halibut.com on Tue Mar 6 17:51:55 GMT 2012

Summary:  Don't trust cloudmade extracts.

Hopefully one last post on this matter.

After more investigation of other matters, it looks like my problem was 
really in my first step.

Cloudmade uses very aggressive clipping polygons when they do the 
extract.  They are so aggressive they remove bridges and features that 
are close to the coastline.  Turns out most of Alameda County has 
coast-line and the admin_bounds regions get clipped.

Here is a better source that I found:

1) Download california.osm.pbf from geofabrik.de

Using that I can now locally extract the bounds using the steps I 
initially posed (dropping the conversion to pbf).  It lists "United 
States" instead of "United States of America" for the country, but that 
seems reasonable.

Adding "--location-autofill=bounds,is_in" and using a modified the style 
without hamlets are both still necessary.

Thanks again,

On 03/04/2012 09:57 PM, Bill wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for your help.
> Here is what I have found with styles:
> 1) the "info" file included with the default style is what is causing
> the StackOverflowError.  More specifically the "base-style=" lines.  I
> am not sure from the documentation that I have found what these should be.
> 2) the included default style is different from the example default
> style.  I verified that the example default style was identical to the
> default style that is part of the jar file.  I can tell they are
> different because the .img files that are created are very different in
> size.  I have no idea what the differences actually are.
>     47588352 bytes for --style=default
>     38774784 bytes for --style-file=examples/styles/default
> I tried adding the map-features.csv that is part of the jar to the
> example default style which got the size closer
>     43748352 bytes for --style-file=examples/styles/default w/
> map-features.csv
> Again I have no idea what this has added, and or what difference still
> exist between it and the default style.
> 3) Ignoring the file size difference.  The examples/styles/default
> appears to function the same with regards to addresses as the default.
> I was able to comment out the hamlet style and it seems to have had the
> same effect as manually deleting all the hamlets.
> Here are the steps that seem to result in a reasonable California map
> with address search capability:
> 1) Download california.osm.bz2 from cloudmade.com last updated 13
> December 2011
> http://downloads.cloudmade.com/americas/northern_america/united_states/california#downloads_breadcrumbs
> 2) Download and unzip boundary file world_*.zip from
> http://www.navmaps.eu/wanmil/ (should automatically end up in a
> directory "bounds")
> 3) Use splitter version r200 to create tiled osm.pbf files
> java -Xmx2000m -jar splitter.jar --mapid=63240001 california.osm.bz2
> 4) Edit examples/styles/default/points to remove hamlets
> comment the line "place=hamlet [0x0b00 resolution 24]" in your points
> style file
> 5) Create Map
> java -Xmx2500m -jar mkgmap.jar --route --remove-short-arcs
> --location-autofill=bounds,is_in --style-file=examples/styles/default
> --index --gmapsupp *.osm.pbf
> I'm sure this isn't a perfect solution, but it give vastly superior
> results to either just using bounds (too few cities), or using is_in
> with hamlet information (too many "cities") for California.
> Thanks again,
>     Bill
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