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[mkgmap-dev] use locator to change highway tags within polygons?

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Tue Mar 6 11:57:05 GMT 2012

Hi list,
Is it possible to retag all unclassified roads within a polygon landuse=residential into highway=residential with the locator? I know it is possible with the locator to retag lines within an administrative district, for example highway=trunk are handled as motorways within certain countries:

highway=trunk & mkgmap:country ~ '(NLD|BEL|LUX|FRA|DEU|AUT|CHE|DNK|HUN|ROU)' { set highway=motorway }

So I would guess this will work with landuse=residential by adding admin_level=11 (or 12?) by preprocessing the country extract or in the polygons file (although I doubt that the second option is working): 

landuse = residential {add boundary=administrative; add admin_level=11}

highway=unclassified & mkgmap:admin_level=11 { set highway=residential } 
(or alternatively, add a road_speed or road_class penalty?)

Do I need to prepare a custom bounds file and will this work?

If this works, I can improve the routing by avoiding residential or industrial/commercial areas, or even prefer nature areas like forests, parks, natural districts etc.

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