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[mkgmap-dev] edge 705 stuck with cities index

From Eric Fernandez zeb at zebulon.org.uk on Fri Feb 17 16:42:31 GMT 2012

> I use "--location-autofill=bounds,is_in,nearest" to solve the problem.
>  Thorsten


this helped a lot using freshly calculated boundaries with osmosis. On
the other hand, the precalculated bounds gave me bad results. May I
ask you if you generate your bounds yourself, and if so, which
settings/options you are using?

Also, I still have the cities search bug on the edge, and can confirm
the freeze occurs when a "blank" city is displayed on the list. The
Edge lists the closest cities from your current locations and order
them by distance. The display can hold 5 lines of city names. If there
is no blank name on this list, then scrolling is fine and fast. But if
one of these blank lines are on the screen, then the Edge becomes
unresponsive for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Since it calculates the
distance to each city, I guess it is probably stuck in computing an
impossible figure. I am puzzled because I do not know how to correct
this or to diagnose this, but am pretty sure this does not happen
without --index. Can there be a bug in handling the index population?


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