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[mkgmap-dev] Problem merging images

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Jan 27 12:25:47 GMT 2012

On 24/01/12 19:40, Johannes Formann wrote:
> after using the adress index feature, the image merging doesn't work
> anymore.
> java '-Xms256m' '-Xmx2560m' '-jar' 'mkgmap.jar' '--gmapsupp'
> 'gmapsupp_Basiskarte.img' '/home/osm/radkarte/gmapsupp_Hoehenlinien.img'
> 'gmapsupp_RadRouten.img' 'gmapsupp_Steigungen.img'
> 'gmapsupp_fixMeLayer.img'
> Is this known?
> Is there a workaround if it is known? I'd like to keep the
> "Layer"-Feature so I'd be able to choose the maps on my Oregon 450 "on
> demand".

It is known that it is not possible to create a gmapsupp with an
address index by combining gmapsupp.img files.

I did not know that attempts to combine gmapsupp.img files that contain
an index will give you an empty file. This bug has actually been there
since r1334, but didn't show up since our gmapsupp files did not contain 
an index.

Since you cannot create an index while combining gmapsupp files, then a
workaround is to avoid creating the index in the individual files.

The attached patch solves the problem with combining in any case.



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