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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch v3] LocationHook with new Quadtree

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Fri Jan 13 16:03:58 GMT 2012

>  >
>  > Also note that admin_level=1 is not used in OSM. So you can remove that
>  > either.
> Ok, I did not know this. Anyway, admLevel-2 is a bit too confusing in my
> eyes.

I wonder a bit: You try to remove as much as possible but leave the 
admin_level=1 tag which is definetly never used? In the end the array 
with tags must be well known at any place when mapping the original 
admin_level/postcode to the tags in the array.

I think the array can be removed completely. It seems to confuse more 
than it helps in the LocationHook. It is used in the BoundaryQuadTree 
but it could be easily created just before calling the constructor.

> By the way: I thought very long about the idea of the HashTable mkgmapTags
> in the trunk version. I guess it was used to allow easy removing of
> selected admin_levels or postal_code from processing ?

The original idea was that multiple tags might be used to map to the 
mkgmap internal tags. So not only admin_level=2 could map to 
mkgmap:admin_level2. But that was a nice idea which was never used. 
Maybe postal code tagging will require such a n:1 mapping because that 
tagging is not very consistent.


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