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[mkgmap-dev] Splitter and .pbf

From Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com on Thu Mar 31 09:40:52 BST 2011

I thank you all for your helpful responses.  Last year, I created a log of 
my procedure to obtain Great Britain data from Geofabrik, split it, and make 
a gmapsupp.img for transfer to my Garmin Legend (my comprehension of how all 
of this works is close to zero!).  Then, it seems, I could copy the 
splitter.jar and mkgmap.jar files from their original folders and place them 
in a new folder with everything else that was required, and the process ran 
perfectly.  I do not update my data very often, and I had to be advised 
recently, as Steve writes, that the splitter.jar cannot be used alone.  Am I 
right in thinking this must have been a change that took place in the 
intervening period?  If so, and further to what Henning wrote, it might be 
useful for users like me to have such fundamental changes documented and 
highlighted, if that is possible.  I do recognise and appreciate, however, 
the time that must already be spent.


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