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[mkgmap-dev] Address search issues

From Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at fabianowski.eu on Tue Mar 29 19:09:16 BST 2011

I have some further data points:

1. Changing ref="S6" to ref="A6" *does* make search work again. So if 
the ref comes before the street name alphabetically, all is good.

2. I made a corresponding minimal extract of Dublin, Ireland. I found 
that the same thing happens: If the single street has a ref that comes 
after its name, things break. If the ref comes before the name 
alphabetically, all is good.

3. I tested a map of all of Ireland. This contains many streets with 
names in the entire A-Z range and, at minimum, refs starting with L, N, 
R. Search seems to work for the entire alphabet, including names at the 
very end of the alphabet.

I remain puzzled.

- Bartosz

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