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[mkgmap-dev] Options overhaul

From Charlie Ferrero charlie at cferrero.net on Sat Mar 26 07:55:52 GMT 2011

On 25/03/2011 17:17, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi
> There is a new branch for an overhaul of the options. There are a
> number of recent (and not so recent!) posts about options that are
> badly documented, have the wrong defaults or just plain shouldn't
> exist.
> The first couple of things I plan to do in preparation are:
> 1. Make it possible to negate any option by pre-pending it with 'no'
> (eg --no-route).  This has the effect of turning off the option for
> the following files. This is not currently possible. It will also give
> a consistent way to turn off options that are by default active.
> 2. Add a way to document old options and and give a warning that the
> option is no longer in use and what should replace it if anything.
> This will allow for options to be removed from the help list, without
> actually removing them from the program, so as not to break existing
> scripts.
> If anyone has any thoughts on how the options could be improved now
> would be a good time to discuss it.
> Things already on the list include: --charset, --remove-short-arcs,
> --ignore-osm-bounds, setting options inside the style (which can
> already be done, its just not really used properly).
> ..Steve

You may want to remove --net and build it in to --route.

Another idea is to have "super options", which combine various 
sub-options, e.g.

--make-routeable, which implies --route, --net, --remove-short-arcs, 


--debug-OSM-left, which implies --drive-on-left, --check-roundabouts, 
--check-roundabout-flares, --report-dead-ends, --max-flare-length-ratio=5


--optimise, which implies --reduce-point-density-polygon=4, 
--merge-lines, --reduce-point-density=5.4


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