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[mkgmap-dev] missing street in mapsource address search

From Rudolf Naujack rudolf.naujack at gmx.de on Mon Mar 14 17:32:41 GMT 2011

i've found a problem with mapsource and street search:
i've created a map with r1896 and the germany/schleswig-holstein data 
from geofabrik.

I've installed the map with the nsis-installer and can search for 
Wihlemstrasse in Kiel. If i try to search for Wihelminenstrasse, the 
street is shown in the search list but:
"Die  ausgewählte Straße ist in diesem Kartenprodukt nicht zulässig"
(The selected street isn't allowed in this map product)

I've tested to search with my garmin etrex and the town doesn't show in 
the list of towns.

The mkgmap parameters are

--max-jobs --style-file=%styles%\basemap_style\ 
--description=Openstreetmap --max-jobs --country-name=Germany 
--country-abbr=DE --area-name="DE_%DATE%" --latin1 --code-page=1252 
--gmapsupp --nsis --keep-going --transparent 
--name-tag-list='name:de,name,name:latin,name:en' --x-tdbfile 
--add-pois-to-areas --make-all-cycleways --link-pois-to-ways 
--remove-short-arcs --net --route --index --location-autofill=1 
--adjust-turn-headings --reduce-point-density=4 
--reduce-point-density-polygon=8 --merge-lines --family-id=4 
--product-id=45 --series-name=OSM-AllInOne-sh-bmap 
--family-name=aio-sh-OSM --mapname=63240345 --draw-priority=10 
..\*.osm.gz basemap.TYP

I'm using the style files from the aio map.


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