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[mkgmap-dev] maps with diacritic symbols

From Rich richlv at nakts.net on Thu Mar 3 13:57:04 GMT 2011

On 03/02/11 22:07, Johann Gail wrote:
>> while i'm here, i also tried lowercase option - it mostly worked except
>> for labels on roads where all lowercase symbols seemed to be replaced by
>> underscores. is that something that can be improved with mkgmap, or is
>> it a quirk of the garmin device ?
> Most Garmin units cannot display rotated lowercase letters. If the
> letters are drawn exact horizontal, e.g. for city names, they work, but
> all rotated lowercase letters are not displayed. This is not caused by
> mkgmap but by the device.

thanks. i guess i should bug garmin a bit about that :)

> Regards,
> Johann

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