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[mkgmap-dev] [index] Automatic location completion

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue Mar 1 18:24:15 GMT 2011

>> I have done some development and want you to share my current findings.
>> 1. The MapElement copy constructor seems to have a bug. The attributes
>> map which contains the city, region and country information is not
>> copied. From my point of view this is an important thing that should
>> be fixed in the trunk also.
>> 2. In the patch the Locator is disabled as much as it was possible for
>> me up to now.
>> 3. I am using now separate tags (mkgmap:city, mkgmap:region etc.).
>> I recommend to run this patch with location-autofill=-1 or 0 to see
>> how the patch works and not how the old Locator works.
> Some findings running your patch on Spain's map:

Thanks for having a look on it! It's still on heavy development and I am 
glad about ANY response!

> 1-The list of regions (state/country field) is much better than the one
> obtained with trunk. All those included are actual regions (some with
> two different names, e.g. Castilla la Mancha&  Castilla-la Mancha).
> Trunk includes many names that are not actual regions of Spain, but
> provinces, cities or even villages.

That's fine! I don't understand why you get two different similar names. 
I think this is caused by addr: tags that don't use the same spelling 
like the boundary multipolygons.
Do you know about any similar name detection algorithm? So something 
like a "sounds-like(String cityname)" function? This would be necessary 
to fix that.

> 2-The list of countries has grown from ESP (España), España (ESP) to Es,
> ESP (España), España (ESP), Gribraltar / United Kingdom, Spain,
> Territorial water of Ibiza and Territorial waters of Mallorca. Could we
> have some mechanism to unify all forms of a country in a single one,
> i.e. Es, ESP, España, Spain and Territorial water...->España? Maybe
> LocatorConfig.xml could/should do that.

Yes, fully agree. I have fixed that in my local code and it's working fine.

> 3-When the country field is filled in any of the search tabs,
> State/Province info is not taken into account.

Mmmh, could you also try that with the trunk? At the moment I have no 
idea why the autolocation could be the reason for this.

> 4-When searching for a street, city, region and country information is
> missing in the results list. Searching for a street+city doesn't work;
> street+(State/Province | Country) does work.

Aah, I tried to compile Spain and I got the same results. I have to look 
into it. Compiling of Germany was VERY fine.
First result: some administrative boundaries seems to be not closed 
(e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/346488). Up to now 
the code works with closed boundaries only. This has to be improved.


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