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[mkgmap-dev] Global index branch

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Sun Feb 27 15:34:36 GMT 2011

> There is a section MDR8 which I added which is an index of
> the first four letters of the street name into the streets section.
> Now I think that would probably work OK, but there is one problem.
> In one case there is "Calle" spelt with a C-cedilla "Çalle" (is that
> even correct?).
> Anyway when I search back to find the first street name beginning with
> "CALL", I stop after "ÇALLE REAL" because the search treats it as a
> different letter and so the first street that is
> found is "CALLE REAL (A-8076)"
Hi Steve,

I'm not deeply involved in the current index code, but should the 
accented 'c' not beeing converted to a standard 'c' in the index?
If I enter the street names in my etrex, I can enter the base character, 
i will get all streets which contain at this position special 
characters. In german I can enter the character 'o' and even umlauts 
like 'ö' will be found. So I think at this index there should be the the 
special charcters converted to the base characters.


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