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[mkgmap-dev] bug in mapsource installer

From Nakor nakor.osm at gmail.com on Fri Feb 18 21:56:49 GMT 2011


I investigated a little bit more and can tell you the following:

DEFAULT_DIR is the default directory name where the maps are going to be installed, the user can modified it at install time
INSTALLER_DESCRIPTION is the name that shows up in the installer dialogs, this cannot be changed once NSIS has ran
INSTALLER_NAME is the name of the installer executable
REG_KEY is only visible inside the registry

We can move those to be family-name, this is not a big change.

The name in the drop-down menu in mapsource comes from somewhere else. I do not know where from though.



On 2/10/2011 3:59 AM, Minko wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about the nsis mapsource installer.
> I notice in the nsi file the series-name generated to set the default name for installing the maps
> in the mapsource register and the default installation folder:
> !define DEFAULT_DIR "C:\Garmin\Maps\OpenFietsMap (series-name)"
> !define INSTALLER_DESCRIPTION "OpenFietsMap (series-name)"
> !define INSTALLER_NAME "OpenFietsMap (series-name)"
> !define MAPNAME "test"
> !define PRODUCT_ID "1"
> !define REG_KEY "OpenFietsMap (series-name)"
> Why is this not the family-name?
> In the map dropdown list in Mapsource, I would like to see the mapname with creation date,
> (which is the series-name). The default directory and Mapsource registers should be
> kept the same mapname every time, usually this is always the family name.
> Can this be changed?
> Cheers,
> Minko
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