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[mkgmap-dev] --make-cycleways labels invisible

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Wed Feb 16 20:20:43 GMT 2011

Op 16-2-2011 15:46, Felix Hartmann schreef:
> On 16.02.2011 15:19, Minko wrote:
>> Can you give an example how this can be done in the style file:
>> A street with oneway=yes&   cycleway=opposite
>> -If the navigation is set to cars, routing is only possible in one way
>> -If navigation is set to bicycle, routing is possible in two ways
>> As far as I know this cannot be controlled in the style file. It is either
>> oneway=yes or oneway=no
>> Is bicycle:oneway=no (or yes) an option I can use in the lines style?
> You introduce the rule
> highway=*&  oneway=yes&  cycleway=opposite {set oneway=-1; set
> access=no; set bicycle=yes} [0x?? road_speed=? road_class=? continue]
> This rule of course has to be at the beginning. You do not need to care
> about foot=yes as for pedestrian Garmin disrespects the oneway atribute.
> Mind depending on the layout of your map - you may have to introduce
> this rule several times each with according highway=residential and so
> on. Everything else stays unchanged. You could also set to oneway=no...
> It has the advantage that one can pick lower priority for going against
> the general flow of traffic dependant on the highway type (or whatever
> else). Basically this is exactly what the option is doing, with the
> difference that you cannot influence road_class and road_speed )

Thank you, this is what I've been looking for... As soon as I have time 
I'll try and use it!


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