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[mkgmap-dev] Need a coordinate or way ID in coastline warnings

From Marko Mäkelä marko.makela at iki.fi on Mon Feb 14 21:09:04 GMT 2011

Hi WanMil,

>I remember that I implemented a first version of a patch that gives 
>real OSM ids in the coastline warnings. But I could not find it...  
>I put that on my todo list.

Thanks, that would be great for the next time.

I guess I should file a JOSM validator bug for moving the coastline 
checks to the WARNING or ERROR level, because I've seen and fixed 
several coastline errors in the past month or two.

These errors were minor: coastline overlapping islands, and two islands 
overlapping each other (someone basically drew a duplicate island with a 
slightly different shape). Last time, it was easy to spot the error from 
the big map. I just went to the "corner" of the box of inverted land and 
sea, and noticed that a straight section of coastline is missing.


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