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[mkgmap-dev] Style + TYP, next iteration

From Jeroen Muris jeroen at tweejee.net on Sat Feb 12 13:09:20 GMT 2011

Marko, Minko, and others,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'm aware my style/TYP files use the contour types for bridges. Guess 
contours are not very importnt to me, living in the flat Netherlands. If 
anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know. The fact the contours 
may not be routable is no problem, as I use them as an addition to the 
'normal' ways.

I had already noticed the 0x14 lines disappearing. Now I know is't a Garmin 
thing, I switched between 0x14 and 0x24 (before 0x24 was used in an overlay 
to show tramways on roads).

The widths of the different ways now match - in my opinion.

To lose the yellow roads (that hardly show on a yellow background), I 
switched around some other colours:
- footpath was green, now grey
- other paths were green, now yellow
- tracks were green, now grey (with transparent centre)
- pedestrian was green, now grey
- bicycle was purple, now green
- motorways and primaries were red, now purple
- secondary roads etc. were orange, now red
- local roads were yellow, now orange

For who's interested, I uploaded a copy of the latest TYP file, for family 
ID 1:

With the current default style not all element will show. Some alterations 
needed changes in the style files too (like the bridges). I attached a 
patchfile wth those changes. It's also uploaded:

Please comment!

And for if and when (some of) my changes make it to the trunk, what's the 
correct way to get this done?



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From: Minko
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 9:07 AM
To: Development list for mkgmap
Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] 0x10 for residential in default style

Hi Jeroen,
A few remarks on your typ file:
You use bridges for the lines that are reserved for contour lines. I dont 
know if they are routable, and this not make it possible to make maps with 
contour lines (elevation profiles might not work?). When zooming out, 
Railway type 0x14 disappears quickly on many gps units by default (strange 
bug in garmin software). Maybe you can "recycle" type 0x24 for the railways 
at lower zoomlevels (22-18?).

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From: MarkoMäkelä
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 10:23 PM
To: Development list for mkgmap
Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] 0x10 for residential in default style

Hi Jeroen,

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 09:18:26PM +0100, Jeroen Muris wrote:
>Marko (and others interested),
>A copy of the current version of my TYP file can be found on
>Personally I use product 1 and family 3141, but this copy is compiled for
>family ID 1. It is a work in progress, and not all types are used in the
>default style. All types from the default style should be present though...
>Please let me know how it looks on your device.

I liked the landuse and building polygons. I do not like the spaghetti
(black border lines of 0x05, 0x06 and 0x01, among others). 0x09 looks
fine (albeit a little wide). Actually, most ways look a bit too wide;
they are hiding the cycleway or footway next to them.

You can see an example of the spaghetti (with gray border lines instead
of black) here: http://cferrero.net/maps/img/spag4.bmp

Can you override the Garmin yellow background colour with the TYP file?
If you can, that would make the black border lines unnecessary, wouldn't

Best regards,

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