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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap index rev. 1809

From Du Plessis, Bennie Bennie.DuPlessis at sappi.com on Fri Feb 4 06:51:34 GMT 2011

In Mapsource: *street search with city works*, while it did not before.
send to device don't crash but fail with error
    </Exception> extracted from a lot more info that I think is about
the device
size of _OV_mdr.img = 3724 kb

In Mapsource: street search work, but street search with city broken
again (try to search but finds nothing, even with correct city).
send to device fails with same error but different line number
size of _OV_mdr.img = 3996 kb

the same geofabrik download of Southern Africa, same MkGMap options and
same Splitter options used in both cases.

splitter-r161-3 used to split map into 4 tiles.

java -ea -Dlog.config=Logging.txt -Xmx1000m -jar
 --country-name="South Afica"^

yell if you need any of the output files.


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