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[mkgmap-dev] Improved street search in index branch

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Sat Jan 22 16:53:06 GMT 2011

El 22/01/11 12:26, Steve Ratcliffe escribió:
> Hi
> Thanks for testing.
> It looks like things are pretty good for small and medium sized maps.
> Did send to device fail for 1&  2 tiles or did you just not try? I ask
> because I haven't tried it since the last round of changes, but I know
> that prior to the last round of changes there was a problem with a small
> map.
I didn't try before, buy now I did and it works fine.
>> (1) Only places tagged in the form is_in=province,region,country. Those
>> with complete is_in:province, is_in:region, is_in:country tagging are
>> not found.
> I can't find any place where is_in:province or is_in:region is used in
> mkgmap. So is probably just a case of supporting those tags, and not
> index related.
Sorry, my fault. I changed is_in:county by is_in:region in my local copy 
of StyledConverter.java and builtin-tag-list long time ago, that's why 
they appear in my "trunk" maps.
> On the other hand it should be possible to search for a city that does
> not have a region; it does have to have a region or a country, but there
> is a default country name ("ABC" if you don't set it in the commands).
>> (2) Missing all streets beginning by "Calle" before "Calle Real ..."
> I suspect (like Johann) that having so many streets beginning with the
> same letters is confusing. But surely it is confusing to humans too? How
> are Spanish street directories normally indexed, do you normally ignore
> the "Calle" and then sort on the rest?
Yes. As a difference to English or German, in Spanish the type of way 
(Calle/Street, Avenida/Avenue, ...) is placed before the name of the 
way. As most urban ways are Calles, directories usually omit it and for 
those which are not calles, the type of way is left or placed at the end 
(Avenida de España / España, Avenida de).
>   It seems like this is possible in
> the Garmin format, but not something we have done.
With Garmin genuine maps you don't need to type calle, avenida or 
whatever, just the name of the way, but the type of way is shown in the 
search results, to help choose the right one. If we could get this 
behavior it would improve user experience greatly, as having to type 
calle/avenida/... for any search using gps keyboard/buttons is quite 
>> (3) In the search results listed region information is missing.
> OK, noted.
It's also due to my is_in:county/region change.

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