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[mkgmap-dev] SeeGenerator error with r1752

From Johann Gail johann.gail at gmx.de on Fri Dec 24 10:23:15 GMT 2010

>> It would be great if we have a tool that reads the IMG-file and creates 
>> a statistic of how many objects are contained in the file. Do we have 
>> that already?! I think I remember a thread about that but I cannot find 
>> it.
> IIRC, there is something in the mkgmap svn repository, presumably 
> written by Steve in the very early stages of mkgmap. I have never used 
> it. There could also be something on SourceForge(t), in a Garmin 
> reverse-engineering project.
In the svn repository are the 'display' tools. This tools have been 
written for displaying the contents of a img in more or less clear text. 
I don't remember if there is a tool which counts the objects, but may be 
well the case.


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