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[mkgmap-dev] 'Route Calculation Error: No Roads Near Starting Point'

From Mr Thwibble leighton.jones at yahoo.com on Sat Sep 25 19:07:16 BST 2010

Hi Folks,
I'm using the latest build of mkgmap and loading the results onto my Garmin 
Vista HCx via an SDcard, Windows XP.

The  map renders fine on the gps, but whenever I try to route anywhere  using 
'Follow Road' on the GPS (including to a destination within the tile in which 
I'm originating)  the route computation fails at about 2% and complains that I'm 
not near a  road.  I'm using:

java -jar ./mkgmap/mkgmap.jar ./midab.osm ./southab.osm --gmapsupp --route

The error doesn't go away if I just specify one .osm tile.  I never used to  
have this problem with an older version of mkgmap - I just can't  remember which 
older version that was!

I've tried setting a  reference point to a road or intersection before I try and 
route but  that doesn't help either, it still fails.  I've also tried sitting 
right in the middle of the road outside my house and it still errors out  :)

Any help much appreciated -  thanks!
Thwib & Leighton
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